Raster tools

Convert map to raster

Creates a raster image of map canvas content.

A map theme can be selected to render a predetermined set of layers with a defined style for each layer.

Alternatively, a single layer can be selected if no map theme is set.

If neither map theme nor layer is set, the current map content will be rendered. The minimum extent entered will internally be extended to be a multiple of the tile size.


Minimum extent to render (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax) [extent]
Extent of the output raster layer. It will internally be extended to be a multiple of the tile size.
Tile size [number]

Size of the tile of the output raster layer.

Default: 1024

Map units per pixel [number]

Pixel size (in map units).

Default: 100

Make background transparent [boolean]

Allows to export the map with a transparent background, i.e. outputs a RGBA image if set to True instead of RGB.

Default: False

Map theme to render [enumeration]


If you have some map theme set, you can choose one of them for the final raster layer.

Single layer to render [enumeration]


Choose a single layer for the output raster layer.


Output layer [raster]
Output raster layer.

Create constant raster layer

Given an extent and a value, generates a raster layer with all the pixels having the same value chosen.


Desired extent (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax) [extent]
Extent for the raster layer.
Target CRS [crs]

CRS for the output raster layer.

Default: project CRS

Pixel size [number]

Pixel size (X=Y) in map units.

Default: 0.1

Constant value [number]

Constant pixel value for the raster layer.

Default: 1


Constant [raster]
Raster covering the desired extent with pixel size and value chosen.

Set style for raster layer

Sets the style of a raster layer. The style must be defined as a QML file.

No new output are created: the QML style is assigned to the raster layer chosen.


Raster layer [raster]
Raster layer.
Style file [file]
Path of the QML style file.