23.8. Using processing from the command lineΒΆ

QGIS comes with a tool called qgis_process which allows you to call processing algorithms and models directly from the command line without starting QGIS desktop itself.

The command list can be used to get a list of all available providers and algorithms.

qgis_process list

The command run can be used to run an algorithm or model. Specify the name of the algorithm or a path to a model as first parameter.

qgis_process run qgis:buffer -- INPUT=source.shp DISTANCE=2 OUTPUT=buffered.shp

The run command also supports further parameters.

  • --json will format stdout output in a JSON structured way.

  • --ellipsoid will set the ellipsoid to the specified one.

  • --distance_units will use the specified distance units.

  • --area_units will use the specified area units.

  • --project_path will load the specified project for running the algorithm.

The command help can be used to get further information about commands or algorithms.

qgis_process help qgis:regularpoints

Where a parameter accepts a list of values, set the same variable multiple times.

qgis_process run native:mergevectorlayers -- LAYERS=input1.shp LAYERS=input2.shp OUTPUT=merged.shp