Modeler tools

Load layer into project

Loads a layer to the current project.


Layer [layer: any]
Layer to load in the legend.
Loaded layer name [string]
Name of the loaded layer.

Rename layer


Layer [layer: any]
Layer to rename.
New name [string]
Name of the layer.

String concatenation

Concatenates two strings into a single one in the Processing Modeler.


Input 1 [string]
First string to concatenate.
Input 2 [string]
Second string to concatenate.

Variable distance buffer

Computes a buffer area for all the features in an input layer.

The size of the buffer for a given feature is defined by an attribute, so it allows different features to have different buffer sizes.


Input layer [vector: any]
Input vector layer.
Distance field [tablefield: numeric]
Attribute for the distance radius of the buffer.
Segments [number]

Controls the number of line segments to use to approximate a quarter circle when creating rounded offsets.

Default: 5

Dissolve result [boolean]

Choose to dissolve the final buffer, resulting in a single feature covering all input features.

Default: False


Normal and dissolved buffer

End cap style [enumeration]

Controls how line endings are handled in the buffer.


Round, flat and square cap styles

Join style [enumeration]
Specifies whether round, miter or beveled joins should be used when offsetting corners in a line.
Miter limit [number]

Only applicable for mitered join styles, and controls the maximum distance from the offset curve to use when creating a mitered join.

Default: 2.0


Buffer [vector: polygon]
Buffer polygon vector layer.

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