15.1. Lesson: Forestry Module Presentation

Following this module about a forestry application requires the knowledge you have learned through the modules 1 to 11 of this training manual. The exercises in the following lessons assume you are already capable of doing many of the basic operations in QGIS and only tools that have not been used before are presented in more detail.

Nevertheless, the module follows a basic level throughout the lessons so that if you have previous experience with QGIS, you can probably follow the instructions without problems.

Note that you need to download an additional data package for this module.

15.1.1. Forestry Sample Data


The sample data used in this module is part of the training manual data set and can be downloaded here. Download the zip file and extract the forestry\ folder into your exercise_data\ folder.

The forestry related sample data (forestry map, forest data), has been provided by the EVO-HAMK forestry school. The datasets have been modified to adapt to the lessons needs.

The general sample data (aerial images, LiDAR data, basic maps) has been obtained from the National Land Survey of Finland open data service, and adapted for the purposes of the exercises. The open data file download service can be accessed in English here.


As for the rest of the training manual, this module includes instructions on adding, deleting and altering GIS datasets. We have provided training datasets for this purpose. Before using the techniques described here on your own data, always ensure you have proper backups!