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17.28. Interpolation and contouring

Module contributed by Paolo Cavallini - Faunalia


This chapter shows how to use different backends to calculate different interpolations.

17.28.1. Interpolation

The project shows a gradient in rainfall, from south to north. Let’s use different methods for interpolation, all based on vector points.shp, parameter RAIN:


set cell size to 500

  • GRASS ‣ v.surf.rst
  • SAGA ‣ Multilevel B-Spline Interpolation
  • SAGA ‣ Inverse Distance Weighted [Power: 4; Search range: Global]
  • GDAL ‣ Grid (Inverse Distance to a power) [Power:4]
  • GDAL ‣ Grid (Moving average) [Radius1&2: 50000]

17.28.2. Contour

Various methods to draw contour lines [always step= 10]:

  • GRASS ‣ r.contour.step
  • SAGA ‣ Contour Lines from Grid
  • GDAL ‣ Contour