Using QGIS Core Plugins

Below is the list of Core plugins provided with QGIS. They are not necessarily enabled by default.

Icon Plugin Description Manual Reference
coordinateCapture Coordinate Capture Capture mouse coordinate in different CRS Coordinate Capture Plugin
dbManager DB Manager Manage your databases within QGIS DB Manager Plugin
eventId eVis Event Visualization Tool eVis Plugin
geometryChecker Geometry Checker Check and repair errors in vector geometries Geometry Checker Plugin
georefRun Georeferencer GDAL Georeference rasters with GDAL Plugin „Georeferenzierung“
gpsImporter GPS Tools Tools for loading and importing GPS data GPS Plugin
grass GRASS GRASS functionality GRASS GIS Integration
metasearch MetaSearch Catalog Client Interact with metadata catalog services (CSW) MetaSearch Catalog Client
offlineEditingCopy Offline Editing Offline editing and synchronizing with database Offline Editing Plugin
geoprocessing Processing Spatial data processing framework QGIS Verarbeitung Umgebung
topologyChecker Topology Checker Find topological errors in vector layers Topology Checker Plugin