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17.1. はじめに

このガイドでは, QGIS プロセッシングフレームワークを使用する方法について説明します. これはプロセッシングフレームワークや, フレームワークが依存するアプリケーションなどについての知識を必要とするものではありません. QGIS の基本的な知識が必要とされるのみです.


Examples in this guide use QGIS 2.0, with partil upgrades to 2.8. They might not work or not be available in versions other than that ones.

This guide is comprised of a set of small exercises of progressive complexity. If you have never used the processing framework, you should start from the very beginning. If you have some previous experience, feel free to skip lessons. They are more or less independent from each other, and each one introduces some new concept or some new element, which is indicated in the chapter title and the short introduction at the begining of each chapter. That should make it easy to locate lessons dealing with a particular topic.

すべてのフレームワークコンポーネントとその使用方法の体系的な説明のために, QGIS マニュアルの該当する章を確認することをお勧めします. このガイドに沿ってサポートテキストとしてください.

All the exercises in this guide use free data set that can be downloaded from the QGIS website. The zip file to download contains several folders corresponding to each one of the lessons in this guide. In each of them you will find a QGIS project file. Just open it and you will be ready to start the lesson.