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Plug-in Geometrieën controleren

Geometry Checker is a powerful core plugin to check and fix the geometry validity of a layer. The Geometry Checker dialog show differents grouped settings in the first tab (Settings):

  • Input vector layer: to select the layer to check. A checkbox Only selected features checkbox can filter the geometry to the one selected.
  • Geometry validity: give to the user the choice between Self intersections, Duplicate nodes, Polygon with less than 3 nodes.
  • Toegestane typen geometrie: om alleen bepaalde typen geometrie toe te staan, zoals punt, multipunt, lijn, multilijn, polygoon en multipolygoon.

  • Geometry properties displays checkbox Polygons and multipolygons may not contain any holes and checkbox Multipart objects must consist of more than one part.
  • Voorwaarden geometrie: gebruiker kan enkele voorwaarden toevoegen voor de geldigheid van de geometrieën met een minimale segmentlengte, een minimum hoek met het segment, een minimale oppervlakte van de polygoon en detectie van polygonen met splinters.

  • Topology checks: checks for duplicates, for features within other features, overlaps smaller than a number, for gaps smaller than a number.
  • Tolerance: you can define here the tolerance for the check.
  • Output vector layer gives the choice to the user how get the result between modifiy the current layer and create a new layer.

After you are happy with the configuration, you can click on the [Run] button.

The results appear in the second tab and as an overview layer of the errors in the canvas (its name is checker). A table list the geometry check result with one error by row: the first row is an ID, the second the reason of the error, then the coordinates of the error, a value (depending on the type of the error) and finally the resolution column which indicates the resolution of the error. At the bottom of this table, you can export the error into a shapefile. At the left, you have the number of the errors and the fixed errors.


Plug-in Geometrieën controleren

De plug-in Geometrieën controleren kan de volgende fouten vinden:

  • Self intersections: a polygon with a self intersection,
  • Duplicate nodes: two duplicates nodes in a segment
  • Holes: hole in a polygon,
  • Segment length: a segment length lower than a threshold,
  • Minimum angle: two segments with an angle lower than a threshold,
  • Minimum area: polygon area lower than a treshold,
  • Silver polygon: this error come from very small polygon (with small area) with a large perimeter,
  • Duplicates features,
  • Feature within feature,
  • Overlaps: polygon overlapping,
  • Gaps: gaps between polygons

De volgende afbeelding toont de verschillende controles die worden uitgevoerd door de plug-in.


The Differents checks supported by the plugin

You can select a row to see the localisation of the error. You can change this behaviour by selecting another action between error (default), Feature, Don’t move, and checkbox Highlight contour of selected features.

Below the zoom action when clicking on the table row, you can Show the selected features in attribute table, Fix selected errors using default resolution and Fix selected errors, prompt for resolution method. In the latter, you will see a window to choose the resolution’s method among which:

  • Merge with neighboring polygon with longest shared edge,
  • Merge with neighboring polygon with largest area,
  • Merge with neighboring polygon identical attribute value,if any, or leave as it
  • Delete feature
  • No action


Meerdere fouten repareren

U kunt meerdere fouten repareren door meer dan één rij te selecteren in de tabel met de actie CTRL + klik.

The default action could be changed with the last icon Error resolution settings. For some type of errors, you can change the default action between some specific action or No action.

Tenslotte kunt u nog kiezen Te gebruiken attribuut bij samenvoegen van objecten op waarde van een attribuut.