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Using QGIS Core Plugins

Icon Plugin


Manual Reference
coordinateCapture Coordinate Capture Capture mouse coordinate in different CRS Coordinate Capture Plugin

Tietokannan hallinta

Manage your databases within QGIS DB Manager Plugin
dxf2shpConverter DXF2Shape Converter Converts from DXF to SHP file format Dxf2Shp Converter Plugin
eventId eVis Event Visualization Tool eVis Plugin
rasterInfo GDAL Tools GDAL raster functionality GDAL Tools Plugin
geometryChecker Geometry Checker Check and repair errors in vector geometries Geometry Checker Plugin
geometrySnapper Geometry Snapper Snap geometries to a reference layer Geometry Snapper Plugin
georefRun Georeferencer GDAL Georeference rasters with GDAL Georeferencer Plugin


Työkalut, joilla ladataan ja tuodaan GPS-tietoja

GPS Plugin
grass GRASS GRASS functionality GRASS GIS Integration
heatmap Heatmap Create heatmap rasters from input vector points Heatmap-laajennusosa
interpolation Interpolation plugin Interpolation on base of vertices of a vector layer Interpolointiliitännäinen
metasearch Metasearch Catalog Client Interact with metadata catalog services (CSW) MetaSearch Catalog Client
offlineEditingCopy Offline Editing Offline editing and synchronizing with database Offline-muokkauksen laajennusosa
oracleRaster Oracle Spatial Georaster Access Oracle Spatial GeoRasters Oracle Spatial GeoRaster Plugin

Laajennusosien hallinta

Manage core and external plugins The Plugins Dialog
geoprocessing Processing Spatial data processing framework QGIS processing framework
rasterTerrain Raster Terrain Analysis Compute geomorphological features from DEMs Raster Terrain Analysis Plugin
roadgraph Road Graph plugin Shortest path analysis Road Graph Plugin
spatialQuery Spatial Query Spatial queries on vectors Paikkatietohakujen laajennusosa
topologyChecker Topology Checker Find topological errors in vector layers Topology Checker Plugin
rasterStats Zonal Statistics Calculate raster statistics for vector polygons Zonal Statistics Plugin