2.3. Lesson: インターフェイスのあらまし


このレッスンの目標: QGISのユーザーインターフェイスの基礎を理解する。

2.3.1. basic Try Yourself: 基礎



  1. レイヤーリスト/ブラウザパネル

  2. ツールバー

  3. 地図キャンバス

  4. ステータスバー

  5. サイドツールバー

  6. Locator bar basic レイヤーリスト



Hovering over the layer will give you some basic information: layer name, type of geometry, coordinate reference system and the complete path of the location on your device.



ベクターレイヤーは、道路、樹木のような一般的に特定の種類のオブジェクトのデータの集合体です。ベクターレイヤーはポイント、ライン、ポリゴンのいずれかで構成されます。 basic ブラウザパネル

The QGIS Browser is a panel in QGIS that lets you easily navigate in your database. You can have access to common vector files (e.g. ESRI Shapefile or MapInfo files), databases (e.g. PostGIS, Oracle, SpatiaLite, GeoPackage or MSSQL Spatial) and WMS/WFS connections. You can also view your GRASS data.

If you have saved a project, the Browser Panel will also give you quick access to all the layers stored in the same path of the project file under in the qgsProjectFile Project Home item.

Moreover, you can set one or more folder as Favorites: search under your path and once you have found the folder, right click on it and click on Add as a Favorite. You should then be able to see your folder in the favourites Favorites item.


It can happen that the folders added to Favorite item have a really long name: don't worry right-click on the path and choose Rename Favorite... to set another name. basic ツールバー

Your most often used sets of tools can be turned into toolbars for basic access. For example, the File toolbar allows you to save, load, print, and start a new project. You can easily customize the interface to see only the tools you use most often, adding or removing toolbars as necessary via the Settings ‣ Toolbars menu.

すべてのツールは、ツールバーに表示されていない場合でも、メニューを通じてアクセスできるでしょう。たとえば、 ファイル ツールバー( 保存 ボタンが含まれています)を削除した場合でも、 プロジェクト メニューをクリックしてから 保存 をクリックすれば地図を保存できます。 basic 地図キャンバス

This is where the map itself is displayed and where layers are loaded. In the map canvas you can interact with the visible layers: zoom in/out, move the map, select features and many other operations that we will deeply see in the next sections. basic ステータスバー

Shows you information about the current map. Also allows you to adjust the map scale, the map rotation and see the mouse cursor's coordinates on the map. basic The Side Toolbar

By default the Side toolbar contains the buttons to load the layer and all the buttons to create a new layer. But remember that you can move all the toolbars wherever it is more comfortable for you. basic The Locator Bar

Within this bar you can access to almost all the objects of QGIS: layers, layer features, algorithms, spatial bookmarks, etc. Check all the different options in the Locator Settings section of the QGIS User Manual.


With the shortcut Ctrl+K you can easily access the bar.

2.3.2. basic Try Yourself 1



2.3.3. basic Try Yourself 2


  1. fileSaveAs

  2. zoomToLayer

  3. invertSelection

  4. ../../../_images/toggle_render.png
  5. measure




2.3.4. What's Next?