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16. Criação de Plug-in de Python

It is possible to create plugins in the Python programming language. In comparison with classical plugins written in C++ these should be easier to write, understand, maintain and distribute due to the dynamic nature of the Python language.

Python plugins are listed together with C++ plugins in QGIS plugin manager. They are searched for in ~/(UserProfile)/python/plugins and these paths:

  • UNIX/Mac: (qgis_prefix)/share/qgis/python/plugins

  • Windows: (qgis_prefix)/python/plugins

Para definições de ~ e (UserProfile) consulte Core and External plugins.


Ao definir QGIS_PLUGINPATH para um caminho de diretoria existente, pode adicionar este caminho à lista de caminhos que pesquisam por <i>plug-ins</i>.