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Using QGIS Core Plugins

Icon Plugin


Manual Reference
Accuracy Assessment Generate an error matrix accuracy
CadTools Perform CAD-like functions in QGIS cadtools
coordinate_capture Coordinate Capture Capture mouse coordinate in different CRS Coordinate Capture Plugin

Tietokannan hallinta

Manage your databases within QGIS DB Manager Plugin
dxf2shp_converter DXF2Shape Converter Converts from DXF to SHP file format Dxf2Shp Converter Plugin
event_id eVis Event Visualization Tool eVis Plugin
ftools fTools A suite of vector tools fTools Plugin


Työkalut, joilla ladataan ja tuodaan GPS-tietoja

GPS Plugin
grass GRASS GRASS functionality GRASS GIS Integration
raster-info GDAL Tools GDAL raster functionality GDAL Tools Plugin
mGeorefRun Georeferencer GDAL Georeference rasters with GDAL Georeferencer Plugin
heatmap Heatmap Create heatmap rasters from input vector points Heatmap-laajennusosa


Interpolation on base of vertices of a vector layer Interpolointiliitännäinen
offline_editing_copy Offline Editing Offline editing and synchronizing with database Offline-muokkauksen laajennusosa
oracle_raster Oracle Spatial Georaster Access Oracle Spatial GeoRasters Oracle Spatial GeoRaster Plugin

Laajennusosien hallinta

Manage core and external plugins The Plugins Dialog
raster_terrain Raster Terrain Analysis Compute geomorphological features from DEMs Raster Terrain Analysis Plugin
roadgraph Road Graph plugin Shortest path analysis Road Graph Plugin
icon_sqlanywhere SQL Anywhere plugin Access SQL anywhere DB SQL Anywhere Plugin
spatialquery Spatial Query Spatial queries on vectors Paikkatietohakujen laajennusosa
spiticon SPIT Shapefile to PostgreSQL/PostGIS Import Tool SPIT Plugin
raster-stats Zonal Statistics Calculate raster statistics for vector polygons Zonal Statistics Plugin
metasearch MetaSearch Interact with metadata catalogue services (CSW) MetaSearch Catalogue Client