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Merges raster files in a simple way. Here you can use a pseudocolor table from an input raster and define the output raster type. All the images must be in the same coordinate system. The algorithm is derived from the GDAL merge utility .


Input layers [multipleinput: rasters]
Input raster layers.
Grab pseudocolor table from first layer [boolean]

The pseudocolor table from the first layer will be used for the coloring.

Default: False

Layer stack [boolean]

If ‘True’ is chosen each input file will be placed into a separate stacked band.

Default: False

Output raster type [selection]

Defines the output raster type. By default this will be ‘Float23’.


  • 0 — Byte
  • 1 — Int16
  • 2 — UInt16
  • 3 — UInt32
  • 4 — Int32
  • 5 — Float32
  • 6 — Float64
  • 7 — CInt16
  • 8 — CInt32
  • 9 — CFloat32
  • 10 — CFloat64

Default: 5


Output layer [raster]
Output raster layer.

Console usage

processing.runalg('gdalogr:merge', input, pct, separate, rtype, output)

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