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Build Virtual Raster


Builds a VRT (Virtual Dataset) that is a mosaic of the list of input GDAL-supported rasters. With a mosaic you can merge several raster files. The algorithm is derived from the GDAL buildvrt utility .


Input layers [multipleinput: rasters]
GDAL-supported raster layers.
Resolution [selection]

The output resolution of the mosaic. By default the average resolution of th raster files will be chosen.


  • 0 — average
  • 1 — highest
  • 2 — lowest

Default: 0

Layer stack [boolean]

With ‘False’ you can define that each raster file goes into a separated stacked band in the VRT band.

Default: True

Allow projection difference [boolean]

Allows that the output bands have different projections derived from the projection of the input raster layers.

Default: False


Output layer [raster]
Output raster file.

Console usage

processing.runalg('gdalogr:buildvirtualraster', input, resolution, separate, proj_difference, output)

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