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Color relief


Generates a color relief map from any GDAL-supported elevation raster. Color reliefs can particularly be used to depict elevations. The Algorithm outputs a 4-band raster with values computed from the elevation and a text-based color configuration file. By default, the colors between the given elevation values are blended smoothly and the result is a nice colorized elevation raster. The algorithm is derived from the GDAL DEM utility .


Input layer [raster]
Elevation raster layer.
Band number [number]

The number of a band containing elevation values.

Default: 1

Compute edges [boolean]

Generates edges from the elevation raster.

Default: False

Color configuration file [file]
A text-based color configuration file.
Matching mode [selection]

The “0,0,0,0” RGBA mode results in color interpolation whereas the Exact color and Nearest color modes avoid interpolation of values that don’t match an index of the color configuration file.


  • 0 — “0,0,0,0” RGBA
  • 1 — Exact color
  • 2 — Nearest color

Default: 0


Output file [raster]
A 4-band output raster.

Console usage

processing.runalg('gdalogr:colorrelief', input, band, compute_edges, color_table, match_mode, output)

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