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GDAL projections

Extract projection


Extracts the projection of a raster file and writes it into a world-file. The algorithm is derived from the the GDAL srsinfo utility .


Input file [raster]
input raster file.
Create also .prj file [boolean]

If this is acivated also a *.prj-file containing the projection information is created.

Default: False


Verwendung der Konsole

processing.runalg('gdalogr:extractprojection', input, prj_file)

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Warp (reproject)


Transfers a raster layer into another Coordinate Reference System (CRS). The output file resolution and the resampling method can be chosen. The algorithm is derived from the GDAL warp utility .


Input layer [raster]
Input raster layer.
Source SRS (EPSG Code) [crs]

Defines the CRS of the input raster layer.

Default: EPSG:4326

Destination SRS (EPSG Code) [crs]

Defines the target CRS of the raster layer.

Default: EPSG:4326

Output file resolution in target georeferenced units (leave 0 for no change) [number]

Defines the output file resolution of reprojection result.

Default: 0.0

Resampling method [selection]

Several resampling methods can be chosen for the reprojection. By default a near resampling method is chosen.


  • 0 — near
  • 1 — bilinear
  • 2 — cubic
  • 3 — cubicspline
  • 4 — lanczos

Default: 0

Additional creation parameters [string]


<geben Sie hier die Parameterbeschreibung ein>

Default: (not set)

Output raster type [selection]

Defines the format of the output raster file. By default this is Float32.


  • 0 — Byte
  • 1 — Int16
  • 2 — UInt16
  • 3 — UInt32
  • 4 — Int32
  • 5 — Float32
  • 6 — Float64
  • 7 — CInt16
  • 8 — CInt32
  • 9 — CFloat32
  • 10 — CFloat64

Default: 5


Output layer [raster]

<fügen Sie hier die Übersetzung der Ausgabe ein>

Verwendung der Konsole

processing.runalg('gdalogr:warpreproject', input, source_srs, dest_srs, tr, method, extra, rtype, output)

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