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Módulo Edição Offiline

For data collection, it is a common situation to work with a laptop or a cell phone offline in the field. Upon returning to the network, the changes need to be synchronized with the master datasource (e.g., a PostGIS database). If several persons are working simultaneously on the same datasets, it is difficult to merge the edits by hand, even if people don’t change the same features.

O módulo offline_editing_copyEdição Offline automatiza a sincronização pela cópia do conteúdo da fonte de dados (usualmente PostGIS ou WFS-T) para uma base de dados SpatiaLite e armazena as edições the offline em tabelas dedicadas. Depois de estarem ligadas outra vez à rede, é possível aplicar edições offline no conjunto de dados prinicipal.

Usando o módulo

  • Open some vector layers (e.g., from a PostGIS or WFS-T datasource).
  • Save it as a project.
  • Go to Database ‣ Offline Editing ‣ offline_editing_copyConvert to offline project and select the layers to save. The content of the layers is saved to SpatiaLite tables.
  • Edite as camadas offline.

  • After being connected again, upload the changes using Database ‣ Offline Editing ‣ offline_editing_sync Synchronize.

Figure Offline Editing 1:


Criação de um projecto offline de camadas PostGIS ou WFS