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Hypsometric curves


Calculate hypsometric curves for features of polygon layer and save them as CSV file for further processing.


DEM to analyze [raster]
DEM to use for calculating altitudes.
Boundary layer [vector: polygon]
Polygonal vector layer with boundaries of areas used to calculate hypsometric curves.
Step [number]

Distanse between curves.

Default: 100.0

Use % of area instead of absolute value [boolean]

Write area percentage to “Area” field of the CSV file instead of absolute area value.

Default: False


Output directory [directory]

Directory where output will be saved. For each feature from input vector layer CSV file with area and altitude values will be created.

File name consists of prefix hystogram_ followed by layer name and feature ID.

Console usage

processing.runalg('qgis:hypsometriccurves', input_dem, boundary_layer, step, use_percentage, output_directory)

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