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Stream Definition By Threshold


Operates on any grid and outputs an indicator (1, 0) grid identifing cells with input values >= the threshold value. The standard use is to use an accumulated source area grid to as the input grid to generate a stream raster grid as the output. If you use the optional input mask grid, it limits the domain being evaluated to cells with mask values >= 0. When you use a D-infinity contributing area grid (*sca) as the mask grid, it functions as an edge contamination mask. The threshold logic is:

src = ((ssa >= thresh) & (mask >= s0)) ? 1:0


Accumulated Stream Source Grid [raster]
This grid nominally accumulates some characteristic or combination of characteristics of the watershed. The exact characteristic(s) varies depending on the stream network raster algorithm being used. This grid needs to have the property that grid cell values are monotonically increasing downslope along D8 flow directions, so that the resulting stream network is continuous. While this grid is often from an accumulation, other sources such as a maximum upslope function will also produce a suitable grid.
Threshold [number]

This parameter is compared to the value in the Accumulated Stream Source grid (*ssa) to determine if the cell should be considered a stream cell. Streams are identified as grid cells for which ssa value is >= this threshold.

Default: 100

Mask Grid [raster]


This optional input is a grid that is used to mask the domain of interest and output is only provided where this grid is >= 0. A common use of this input is to use a D-Infinity contributing area grid as the mask so that the delineated stream network is constrained to areas where D-infinity contributing area is available, replicating the functionality of an edge contamination mask.


Stream Raster Grid [raster]
This is an indicator grid (1, 0) that indicates the location of streams, with a value of 1 for each of the stream cells and 0 for the remainder of the cells.

Console usage

processing.runalg('taudem:streamdefinitionbythreshold', -ssa, -thresh, -mask, -src)

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