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Shapes buffer


Creates buffer around features based on fixed distance or distance field.


Shapes [vector: any]
Input layer.
Buffer Distance [selection]

Buffering method.


  • 0 — [0] fixed value
  • 1 — [1] attribute field

Default: 0

Buffer Distance (Fixed) [number]

Buffer distance for “fixed value” method.

Default: 100.0

Buffer Distance (Attribute) [tablefield: any]
Name of the distance field for “attribute field” method.
Scaling Factor for Attribute Value [number]

<put parameter description here>

Default: 1.0

Number of Buffer Zones [number]

Number of buffer(s) to generate.

Default: 1.0

Circle Point Distance [Degree] [number]

Smoothness of the buffer borders: great numbers means rough borders.

Default: 5.0

Dissolve Buffers [boolean]

Determines whether to dissolve results or not.

Default: True


Buffer [vector]
The resulting layer.

Console usage

processing.runalg('saga:shapesbuffer', shapes, buf_type, buf_dist, buf_field, buf_scale, buf_zones, dcircle, dissolve, buffer)

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