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Add grid values to points


Creates a new vector layer as a result of the union of a points layer with the interpolated value of one or more base background grid layer(s). This way, the new layer created will have a new column in the attribute table that reflects the interpolated value of the background grid.


Points [vector: point]
Input layer.
Grids [multipleinput: rasters]
Background grid layer(s)
Interpolation [selection]

interpolation method to use.


  • 0 — [0] Nearest Neighbor
  • 1 — [1] Bilinear Interpolation
  • 2 — [2] Inverse Distance Interpolation
  • 3 — [3] Bicubic Spline Interpolation
  • 4 — [4] B-Spline Interpolation

Default: 0


Result [vector]
The resulting layer.

Console usage

processing.runalg('saga:addgridvaluestopoints', shapes, grids, interpol, result)

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