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Модуль «Пространственные запросы»

The spatialquery Spatial Query Plugin allows you to make a spatial query (i.e., select features) in a target layer with reference to another layer. The functionality is based on the GEOS library and depends on the selected source feature layer.

Поддерживаются следующие операторы:

  • Содержит

  • Совпадает

  • Накладывается

  • Пересекает кривой

  • Пересекает

  • Не пересекает

  • Касается

  • Находится внутри

Использование модуля

As an example, we want to find regions in the Alaska dataset that contain airports. The following steps are necessary:

  1. Запустите QGIS и загрузите слои regions.shp и airports.shp.

  2. Load the Spatial Query plugin in the Plugin Manager (see The Plugins Menus) and click on the spatialquery Spatial Query icon, which appears in the QGIS toolbar menu. The plugin dialog appears.
  3. Select the layer regions as the source layer and airports as the reference feature layer.
  4. Select ‘Contains’ as the operator and click [Apply].

Now you get a list of feature IDs from the query and you have several options, as shown in figure_spatial_query_1.

  • Click on selectesubsetlayer Create layer with list of items.
  • Select an ID from the list and click on selectcreatelayer Create layer with selected.
  • Select ‘Remove from current selection’ in the field And use the result to selectstring.
  • Additionally, you can checkbox Zoom to item or display checkbox Log messages.

Figure Spatial Query 1:


Пространственный запрос — области с аэропортами nix