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Zonal Statistics Plugin

With the rasterStats Zonal statistics plugin, you can analyze the results of a thematic classification. It allows you to calculate several values of the pixels of a raster layer with the help of a polygonal vector layer (see figure_zonal_statistics). Choosing a color band, the plugin generates output columns in the vector layer with an user-defined prefix and calculates for each polygon, statistics on pixels that are within. The available statistics are :

  • Count: to count the number of pixels
  • Sum: to sum the pixel values
  • Mean: to get the mean of pixel values
  • Median: to get the median of pixel values
  • StDev: to get the standard deviation of pixel values
  • Min: to get the minimum of pixel values
  • Max: to get the maximum of pixel values
  • Range: to get the range (max - min) of pixel values
  • Minority: to get the less represented pixel value
  • Majority: to get the most represented pixel value
  • Variety: to count the number of distinct pixel values

Zonal statistics dialog