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To easier the use of icons in QGIS manuals, replacements are defined for each icon in /source/conf.py file at QGIS-Documentation repository and some of these substitutions are listed below. Thus, when you want to use an icon from QGIS application in the documentation there is a big chance that there is already a substitution that can/should be used.

If no replacement exists:

  • check the documentation repository whether the icon is available in /resources/en/docs/common folder. If no image, then you need to find and copy the icon image file from QGIS repository (often under https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/tree/master/images/themes/default folder) and paste (in .png format) under /resources/en/docs/common folder. For convenience and update, it’s advised to keep filename when possible.
  • create the reference to the substitution in the /source/conf.py file following the example below. The replacement text should be in camelCase:
.. |splitLayer| image:: /static/common/split_layer.png
   :width: 1.5em
  • (optional) add the reference to the icon and its substitution to the list below.

Common Substitutions

Below are given some icons and their substitution to use when writing documentation. Can be used/found in many places in manuals.

Platform Icons

Icon Substitution
nix |nix|
osx |osx|
win |win|

Toolbar Button Icons

Manage Layers and overview

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
addOgrLayer |addOgrLayer|
addRasterLayer |addRasterLayer| addMssqlLayer |addMssqlLayer|
addLayer |addLayer| addSpatiaLiteLayer |addSpatiaLiteLayer|
newVectorLayer |newVectorLayer| removeLayer |removeLayer|
virtualLayer |virtualLayer| wms |wms|
wcs |wcs| wfs |wfs|
oracleRaster |oracleRaster|    
dbManager |dbManager| gdal |gdal|
inOverview |inOverview| addAllToOverview |addAllToOverview|
removeAllOVerview |removeAllOVerview|
showAllLayers |showAllLayers| hideAllLayers |hideAllLayers|
showPresets |showPresets| zip |zip|


Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
fileNew |fileNew| fileOpen |fileOpen|
fileSave |fileSave| fileSaveAs |fileSaveAs|
fileExit |fileExit|


Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
saveEdits |saveEdits|    
undo |undo| redo |redo|
editCopy |editCopy| editPaste |editPaste|
editCut |editCut|    

Identity result

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
expandTree |expandTree| collapseTree |collapseTree|
expandNewTree |expandNewTree| propertyItem |propertyItem|
deselectAll |deselectAll| editCopy |editCopy|
filePrint |filePrint| propertiesWidget |propertiesWidget|

Digitizing and Advanced Digitizing

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
cad |cad| tracing |tracing|
toggleEditing |toggleEditing| allEdits |allEdits|
capturePoint |capturePoint| capturePolygon |capturePolygon|
captureLine |captureLine|    
circularStringCurvePoint |circularStringCurvePoint| circularStringRadius |circularStringRadius|
nodeTool |nodeTool| deleteSelected |deleteSelected|
moveFeature |moveFeature| rotateFeature |rotateFeature|
simplifyFeatures |simplifyFeatures| reshape |reshape|
addRing |addRing| addPart |addPart|
fillRing |fillRing|    
deleteRing |deleteRing| deletePart |deletePart|
mergeFeatures |mergeFeatures| mergeFeatAttributes |mergeFeatAttributes|
splitFeatures |splitFeatures| splitParts |splitParts|
offsetCurve |offsetCurve| rotatePointSymbols |rotatePointSymbols|

Map Navigation and attributes

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
pan |pan| panToSelected |panToSelected|
zoomIn |zoomIn| zoomOut |zoomOut|
zoomActual |zoomActual| zoomFullExtent |zoomFullExtent|
zoomToLayer |zoomToLayer| zoomToSelected |zoomToSelected|
zoomLast |zoomLast| zoomNext |zoomNext|
touch |touch| draw |draw|
identify |identify| mapTips |mapTips|
showBookmarks |showBookmarks| newBookmark |newBookmark|
measure |measure| measureArea |measureArea|
measureAngle |measureAngle|

Selection and Expressions

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
selectRectangle |selectRectangle| selectPolygon |selectPolygon|
selectFreehand |selectFreehand| selectRadius |selectRadius|
selectAll |selectAll| deselectAll |deselectAll|
invertSelection |invertSelection| expressionSelect |expressionSelect|
selectAllTree |selectAllTree| select |select|
dataDefined |dataDefined| expression |expression|
dataDefineOn |dataDefineOn| dataDefineExpressionOn |dataDefineExpressionOn|
dataDefineError |dataDefineError| dataDefineExpressionError |dataDefineExpressionError|
filter |filter| expressionFilter |expressionFilter|
filterMap |filterMap|    


Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
labeling |labeling| textAnnotation |textAnnotation|
annotation |annotation| formAnnotation |formAnnotation|


Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
helpContents |helpContents| qgisHomePage |qgisHomePage|
checkQgisVersion |checkQgisVersion| helpAbout |helpAbout|
helpSponsors |helpSponsors| contextHelp |contextHelp|


Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
colorBox |colorBox| colorPicker |colorPicker|
colorSwatches |colorSwatches| colorWheel |colorWheel|

Other basic icons

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
arrowDown |arrowDown| arrowUp |arrowUp|
arrowLeft |arrowLeft| arrowRight |arrowRight|
signPlus |signPlus| signMinus |signMinus|
projectProperties |projectProperties| options |options|
copyrightLabel |copyrightLabel| northArrow |northArrow|
scaleBar |scaleBar| locale |locale|
gpsImporter |gpsImporter| gpsTrackBarChart |gpsTrackBarChart|
gpsTrackPolarChart |gpsTrackPolarChart| tracking |tracking|
folder |folder| extents |extents|
sum |sum|    

Attribute Table

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
openTable |openTable| selectedToTop |selectedToTop|
selectAll |selectAll| invertSelection |invertSelection|
panToSelected |panToSelected| zoomToSelected |zoomToSelected|
copySelected |copySelected| editPaste |editPaste|
expressionSelect |expressionSelect| deleteSelected |deleteSelected|
newAttribute |newAttribute| deleteAttribute |deleteAttribute|
newTableRow |newTableRow| calculateField |calculateField|
draw |draw| form |form|
rendererAttributeTable |rendererAttributeTable|

Projections and Georeferencer

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
geographic |geographic| crs |crs|
customProjection |customProjection|
projectionDisabled |projectionDisabled| projectionEnabled |projectionEnabled|
georeferencer |georeferencer| pencil |pencil|
linkQGisToGeoref |linkQGisToGeoref| linkGeorefToQGis |linkGeorefToQGis|
coordinateCapture |coordinateCapture| startGeoref |startGeoref|

Composer Icons

Icons used in Composer:

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
newComposer |newComposer| composerManager |composerManager|
duplicateComposer |duplicateComposer|
atlasSettings |atlasSettings| atlas |atlas|
filePrint |filePrint| saveMapAsImage |saveMapAsImage|
saveAsSVG |saveAsSVG| saveAsPDF |saveAsPDF|
addArrow |addArrow| addBasicShape |addBasicShape|
addMap |addMap| addLegend |addLegend|
addHtml |addHtml| addTable |addTable|
label |label| scaleBar |scaleBar|
select |select| moveItemContent |moveItemContent|
raiseItems |raiseItems| lowerItems |lowerItems|
moveItemsToTop |moveItemsToTop| moveItemsToBottom |moveItemsToBottom|
alignLeft |alignLeft| alignRight |alignRight|
alignHCenter |alignHCenter| alignVCenter |alignVCenter|
alignTop |alignTop| alignBottom |alignBottom|
locked |locked| unlocked |unlocked|
groupItems |groupItems|    


Icons used in Layer Properties dialog:

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
symbology |symbology| labeling |labeling|
attributes |attributes| general |general|
metadata |metadata| action |action|
join |join| diagram |diagram|
25dSymbol |25dSymbol| categorizedSymbol |categorizedSymbol|
graduatedSymbol |graduatedSymbol| heatmapSymbol |heatmapSymbol|
invertedSymbol |invertedSymbol| nullSymbol |nullSymbol|
pointDisplacementSymbol |pointDisplacementSymbol| ruleBasedSymbol |ruleBasedSymbol|
singleSymbol |singleSymbol|

Plugin Icons

Core Plugin Icons

Standard provided with basic install, but not loaded with initial install

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
showPluginManager |showPluginManager| pluginInstaller |pluginInstaller|
offlineEditingCopy |offlineEditingCopy| offlineEditingSync |offlineEditingSync|
plugin |plugin| interpolation |interpolation|
mapserverExport |mapserverExport| exportMapServer |exportMapServer|
spit |spit| delimitedText |delimitedText|
gdalScript |gdalScript| dxf2shpConverter |dxf2shpConverter|
spatialQuery |spatialQuery| selectSubsetLayer |selectSubsetLayer|
selectCreateLayer |selectCreateLayer| metasearch |metasearch|
geometryChecker |geometryChecker| geometrySnapper |geometrySnapper|
topologyChecker |topologychecker|    

FTools Icons

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
ftools |ftools|
matrix |matrix| unique |unique|
sumLines |sumLines| sumPoints |sumPoints|
basicStatistics |basicStatistics| neighbor |neighbor|
mean |mean| intersections |intersections|
randomSelection |randomSelection| subSelection |subSelection|
randomPoints |randomPoints|
regularPoints |regularPoints| vectorGrid |vectorGrid|
selectLocation |selectLocation| layerExtent |layerExtent|
convexHull |convexHull| buffer |buffer|
intersect |intersect| union |union|
symDifference |symDifference| clip |clip|
difference |difference| dissolve |dissolve|
checkGeometry |checkGeometry| exportGeometry |exportGeometry|
delaunay |delaunay| centroids |centroids|
simplify |simplify| joinLocation |joinLocation|
multiToSingle |multiToSingle| singleToMulti |singleToMulti|
toLines |toLines| extractNodes |extractNodes|
exportProjection |exportProjection| defineProjection |defineProjection|
splitLayer |splitLayer| mergeShapes |mergeShapes|

Grass integration

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
grass |grass|
grassTools |grassTools| grassNewMapset |grassNewMapset|
grassOpenMapset |grassOpenMapset| grassCloseMapset |grassCloseMapset|
grassRegion |grassRegion| grassSetRegion |grassSetRegion|


Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
osmLoad |osmLoad| osmDownload |osmDownload|
osmFeatureManager |osmFeatureManager| osmIdentify |osmIdentify|
osmImport |osmImport| osmSave |osmSave|
osmCreatePoint |osmCreatePoint| osmCreateLine |osmCreateLine|
osmCreatePolygon |osmCreatePolygon|
osmMove |osmMove| osmRemoveFeat |osmRemoveFeat|
osmCreateRelation |osmCreateRelation| osmAddRelation |osmAddRelation|
osmEditRelation |osmEditRelation| osmGenerateTags |osmGenerateTags|
osmQuestionMark |osmQuestionMark|

eVis plugin

Icon Substitution Icon Substitution
eventBrowser |eventBrowser| eventId |eventId|
evisConnect |evisConnect| evisFile |evisFile|