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SPIT Plugin

QGIS comes with a plugin named SPIT (Shapefile to PostGIS Import Tool). SPIT can be used to load multiple shapefiles at one time and includes support for schemas. To use SPIT, open the Plugin Manager from the Plugins menu, check the box next to the checkbox SPIT plugin and click [OK]. The SPIT icon will be added to the plugin toolbar.

To import a shapefile, click on the spiticon SPIT tool in the toolbar to open the SPIT - Shapefile to PostGIS Import Tool dialog. Select the PostGIS database you want to connect to and click on [Connect]. If you want, you can define or change some import options. Now you can add one or more files to the queue by clicking on the [Add] button. To process the files, click on the [OK] button. The progress of the import as well as any errors/warnings will be displayed as each shapefile is processed.

Figure SPIT Plugin 1:


Using SPIT Plugin to import Shape files to PostGIS nix


Importing Shapefiles Containing PostgreSQL Reserved Words

If a shapefile is added to the queue containing fields that are reserved words in the PostgreSQL database a dialog will popup showing the status of each field. You can edit the field names prior to import and change any that are reserved words (or change any other field names as desired). Attempting to import a shapefile with reserved words as field names will likely fail.