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Using QGIS Core Plugins

Icon Plugin Description Manual Reference
delimited_text Add Delimited Text Layer Loads text files containing x,y coordinates Delimited Text Plugin
coordinate_capture Coordinate Capture Capture mouse coordinate in different CRS Coordinate Capture Plugin
icon_dbmanager DB Manager Manage your databases within QGIS DB Manager Plugin
Diagram Overlay Add Diagrams for vectors Diagram Overlay Plugin
dxf2shp_converter DXF2Shape Converter Converts from DXF to SHP file format Dxf2Shp Converter Plugin
event_id eVis Event Visualization Tool eVis Plugin
ftools fTools A suite of vector tools fTools Plugin
gps_importer GPS Tools Tools for loading and importing GPS data GPS Plugin
grass GRASS GRASS functionality GRASS GIS Integration
raster-info GDAL Tools GDAL raster functionality GDAL Tools Plugin
georeferencer Georeferencer GDAL Georeference Raster with GDAL Georeferencer Plugin
heatmap Heatmap Create heatmap raster from input vector points Heatmap Plugin
interpolation Interpolation plugin Interpolation on base of vertices of a vector layer Interpolation Plugin
mapserver_export MapServer Export Plugin Export a QGIS project file to a MapServer map file MapServer Export Plugin
offline_editing_copy Offline Editing Offline editing and synchronizing with database Offline Editing Plugin
osm_load OpenStreetMap Access OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap
oracle_raster Oracle Spatial Georaster Access Oracle Spatial GeoRasters Oracle GeoRaster Plugin
plugin_installer Plugin Installer Download and install python plugins Using the QGIS Python Plugin Installer
raster_terrain Raster Terrain Analysis Compute geomorphological features from DEMs Raster Terrain Analysis Plugin
Road graph Plugin Shortest path analysis Road Graph Plugin
spiticon SPIT Shapefile to PostGIS Import Tool Importing Data into PostgreSQL
icon_sqlanywhere SQL Anywhere plugin Access SQL anywhere DB SQL Anywhere Plugin
spatialquery Spatial Query Spatial queries on vectors Spatial Query Plugin
raster-stats Zonal Statistics Calculate raster statistics for vector polygons Zonal Statistics Plugin